A large collection of water colours of orchids and fungi were recently discovered by the present Marquis of Lothian and identified as those painted by Florence Woolward. Miss Woolward was born in Hammersmith and was the daughter if Reverend Woolward, a stern austere man. She lived most of her life in Belton, Lincolnshire and it was through family connections with the Talbot Sisters that she was commissioned by Schomberg, 9th Marquis to paint a series of orchids and fungi, thought to be found at Newbattle and Monteviot. She was neither trained as an artist nor a botanist but following her work for Schomberg she continued to use her artistic abilities at the Natural History museum until her death in 1936.

Sixty of the paintings were chosen for reproduction in four volumes and six were further produced as a limited edition, individually numbered set complete with certificate of authenticity.